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A lot of people wonder about my job. What does a Social Media and Content Manager do all day? Scroll Facebook? Check Twitter? Well, yes, I am on Facebook a helluvah lot, but it’s not spent ogling puppy photos (only like 15 minutes, I promise). For the most part I’m analyzing stats, developing social strategy, and manually running contests for multiple brands. While it doesn’t take me 45 days to create a tweet, it does require a lot of planning and a deep understanding of each brand and its customers. It’s almost like coaching a football team, with so many moving parts you need to have a deep understanding of the game and its players.

That’s right, I like to think of social media as similar to running a sports team. Stay with me on this one … and imagine our brand advocates as the players, me as the coach, social media as the game, and new brand followers as the team’s fans. Good?

Your brand advocates are like your team's star players.

As the Social Media and Content Manager, I make sure the game (social media) is played as best we can. Our playbook includes eye-catching images and relevant, engaging copy, and we keep things fresh on our social platforms with exciting content like contests, blogs, and videos. If the social media stays as exciting, interesting, and informative as most football games, we should bring home a win. Our players – the brand advocates – will Like, Share, Tweet, and engage with our social media. Our new followers and fans will then see this and might make it on the roster for next week’s game.

At GDD, we’re using social media to build brand advocacy and create online brand communities. These communities are filled with genuinely excited fans of your brand. They enjoy sharing photos, talking about your products, and talking about their experiences. This online community is sharing your brand’s good word to their friends and family through the oldest and most trusted method: word of mouth. With social media creating thousands of fans online spreading this trusted word of mouth, your brand gets to grow in a genuine way while creating even more brand advocates.

These brand advocates not only shop in your store or buy your products, but they truly support the brand. Most brands have had their fair share of complaints on their social media platforms, but if you’ve taken the time to build a community of these brand advocates, they will actually come to your rescue for you. Our social brands have such passionate brand advocates that when someone makes a complaint on a client’s Facebook wall, they often jump to the brand’s defense before we have a chance to respond. That’s a win. People taking time out of their day to speak positively on our behalf and sharing their faith in the brand? Yes, please! I have done my job!

Using social media to create a community generates a more passionate fan base and, therefore, passionate customers. Creating a community of brand-builders is more of a challenge, but these advocates will be worth much more than any other fan base. These are the fans that dress up for games and support our brands even in the rain. At GDD, our goal is to create as many of these brand advocates and game-day fans that we can in order to help us spread the brand’s message. We know we’re having a winning season on social when our fans are so excited about the brand that they bring a carload of friends to the next game.

Loyal fans will help spread your brand message.