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Did you know that Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, remains one of the highest occupancy developments in DFW? The privately owned company has 3 million square feet of commercial lease space and is well over 90% leased in all three of the options it offers (office, retail and residential). However, prior to us redesigning its management website, its online presence had not been given the attention it deserved nor did it reflect what Sundance Square truly stands for.

That’s not fair – it has such an amazing story!

It’s a booming commercial management company that attracts some of the largest brands to move to its vibrant, award-winning entertainment district spanning 35 blocks. The district is the heart of downtown Fort Worth and has even been the host site three times from ESPN to broadcast live from the new Sundance Square Plaza. It’s a multi-use, hands-on development that is the pride of its town by helping to draw in more than 10 million visitors each year.

The clients just needed our help reflecting this on the website, so that’s what we did!


Focus on What Matters – the History

We started by focusing on what Sundance Square takes the most pride in – the buildings and the history behind them. Sundance Square President & CEO Johnny Campbell gave us an insightful history lesson about downtown Fort Worth and the vision for Sundance Square, followed by a firsthand tour of the property.

From that point, we knew the inspiration for the new website needed to be based around photography of the historic buildings and all of the benefits Sundance Square brings to the area. Let’s be honest, it’s rare to find a privately owned company like Sundance Square handling everything from security to maintenance completely on its own … and the new Sundance Square Plaza has quickly become the epicenter of downtown and a gathering point for all walks of life.

Copywriter Carolyn Haynes said, “It was great getting to tour Sundance Square and learn lots of cool little details about the amenities, the buildings, etc., and how meticulous the management company is. Like that they finish out all sides of buildings – even backs you don’t normally see – or all the weather conditions and uses considered when creating the plaza shades. So much thought has gone into making it what it is.”

Designing the Details

“This update and overhaul was long overdue and we could not be more pleased with the communication, creativity and professionalism of GDD.” – Anita Simmons, Communications Specialist, Sundance Square

Some of the buildings in Sundance Square date back to 1876, and we knew the best way to translate this history was with photography. During the concepting phase we realized we’d need Sundance Square to take more photos of the buildings and architectural details, so we outlined the shots needed so they could schedule the photo shoot with their photographer. The images came back even more beautiful than expected and really make all the difference on Sundance Square’s new management website.

We purposefully designed the website so the photography is always the hero across the site and frames the content on all sides. By creating a three-tabbed main navigation structure we were able to clearly help people find the key topics they might be looking for:

  1. What: Availability – broken down into three sub-tabs by lease type (office, retail, living) with each available space linking to the appropriate building page for more details
  2. Where: Buildings – every building has its own page with gorgeous photography and historical information about its past
  3. Why: Why Sundance – if the photography doesn’t suck you in first, the reasons why Sundance Square is better than its competitors will


Functioning Better on Every Level

In the end, we helped Sundance Square reorganize the content in a way that gets the consumer to their intended location quicker, highlights each building’s history and naturally increases SEO traffic because people are landing on pages that answer their questions. By building the site on a WordPress CMS, the site can easily be updated with new content, new images and additional features, making the clients’ struggles with updates a thing of the past.

The clients couldn’t have been more pleased with the site. Sundance Square Director of Marketing Tracy Gilmour said, “Awesome job to all. This site is so fabulous.”