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Kendra Scott does social media and CRM right in so many ways, but I’ll use my to-date favorite promotion as an example. At the end of March, chatter on the Kendra Scott (KS) social media front began about a one-day-only mystery egg hunt in-stores and online where colorful eggs containing coupon discount codes are hidden in a random selection of individual product pages which will change throughout the day.

Untitled1I first noticed this promotion on Instagram and remember thinking this was a brilliant idea for a variety of reasons:

• The customer feels like they are getting a deal
• The customer has fun while hunting
• The customer starts buzz on their own social media
• The company now has their direct consumer looking at (and potentially falling in love with) every product they offer
• The company is able to serve up other products the customer might be interested in based on their selections
• The company is able to use the analytics to see what new or even old products the customer is interested in the most and highlight those in future promotions

So what did I do? I immediately went to their website and began my hunt. It took me awhile to catch on that the eggs were hidden in the “MORE VIEWS” photos of the individual jewelry products but once I realized it I had a couple browser windows open at the same time. I was determined to get a free pair of earrings or even 50% off! Apparently so did everyone else that follows KS on social media because the site was so busy it went down on almost every search.

Customers seemed to be pretty frustrated with the server situation but this was still great news for KS who handled the complaints with care and even extended the promotion through noon the next day to give people more time to search, like shown on the Facebook screen grab below. However, even the customers who were commenting with complaints were only helping push this promotion further along because it now showed up in their Facebook feed that they posted a comment on the Kendra Scott page.

Untitled3The next morning I went back to the Kendra Scott website to give it one last go before the promotion ended, but never walked away with free earrings or 50% off. I did successfully find eggs for 10% off, 15% off, 20% off, 30% off sale items, and free shipping (example shown below). I found several pieces of jewelry that I loved and in order to not forget them all I, of course, pinned them on Pinterest for future reference.

While I did not make a purchase either of the days the promotion was active, I have since purchased five pairs of earrings for my bridesmaids, created and purchased a pair of earrings I designed in their COLOR BAR™ to wear at my wedding, and went into the Dallas store and purchased a pair of earrings for my best friend’s 30th birthday.




Overall, Kendra Scott’s social media and CRM teams are doing a stellar job! Their use of gorgeous photography paired with innovative promotions will help them continue at the upward pace they’re currently running on and keep them on the top of my “who’s doing it right in social media” list.