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At GDD, we have a couple corporate/franchise-model clients with location-based services and sales goals. What a corporate client can do with scale of locations and budget, can’t always be replicated across our franchise clients. We have to test and find creative solutions that fit our franchisee’s budgets and individual goals. After testing multiple digital media channels that have been successful for one corporate client, Sun Tan City, for the Sun Tan City franchisees, we have found that promoted Facebook ads are able to deliver maximum results judged by volume and cost effectiveness of generating online conversions against promotions. Below are three reasons why this tactic works:


1. Hyper Location Targeting

The No. 1 reason we love this channel is the fact that you can be so specific with your geographical targeting. When working with service-based businesses this is key to ensuring that ad dollars are not being wasted targeting outside the distance a customer would be willing to drive for the service.

Facebook ads allow the advertiser to target a location as broad as a country or as small as a radius around a business’s address. Sun Tan City salons attract customers from a radius varying from five to 10 miles based on the location; we love that we are able to hyper target at the location level, customizing for each salon.

An added bonus is Facebook’s newly added feature that allows the advertiser to choose among geotargeting everyone within that location at that exact moment in time, people who actually live in that location, people who have recently visited that location, or people traveling to that location. Not only can you ensure that you aren’t wasting ad dollars, but now you can further refine based on your client and campaign goals.

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2. Super-Specific Audience Targeting

The second reason we love this channel is the fact that you can be so specific within your audience targeting. It is difficult to get the right audience targeting for prospecting campaigns with smaller budgets and campaign volume. Larger media budgets and high volume campaigns allow for tactics like programmatic display, but when working on a smaller scale, there just isn’t enough data to effectively use the go-to digital media tactics. Facebook not only gives the advertiser the opportunity to reach their current client base with e-mail match targeting and retargeting, but it also has robust audience insights and analytics for corporate pages and the ability to specify your prospecting by age, gender, connections, languages, interests and behaviors.

A good agency already knows their client’s customer; however, that customer may not be as broad on Facebook. If you are connected to the corporate client’s page or if your franchise locations have a high volume of page followers, Facebook provides additional audience insights to apply to your campaign. Let’s say the customer demo is women 18-55, Facebook Audience Insights may show that your efforts will be more effective against women 18-44. Facebook Audience Insights can also give insight into other pages that your target likes, their purchase behaviors, device they are most likely to use, and if they are likely to engage with your ads. This is a great way to ensure that you are focusing dollars against an audience that is most likely to convert.

Facebook Audience Insights gives us a lot of data about customers.

Once you have confirmed and discovered verified information about the franchisee’s customer you are able to further target your ads based on: age and gender, relationship status, education, work information, financial information, home ownership, ethnic affinity, language, generation, parents, politics, life events, connection to specific page apps or events, and friends of your target audience. You can even select certain interests or activities the user likes and closely related topics down to specific behaviors like have they recently gone on vacation.

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3. Consistency in Cost-Effectively Driving Traffic & Conversions

The third reason we love Facebook ads is that we have found no matter the market or budget, we saw consistent effective cost per clicks and inexpensive cost per online conversions. For many of our franchise clients, this was their first test in digital marketing. We always want to deliver optimal results for our clients, but it is extra important when it is the first time they are testing a new form of advertising. In comparison to another prospecting tactic like non-brand paid search, Facebook is able to maintain specific targeting, but generate a larger volume of impressions and traffic, increasing this tactic’s ability to convert at a high volume very efficiently. On average the Facebooks ads saw a 250% lower cost per click and lower cost per conversion average than our other prospecting channels.

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